teddybear in a rundown room paedophile and poverty

Dealing with a Paedophile, and Poverty

Losing all you have because of pandemic business failure is one thing. When that business was your last ditch attempt to get back on your feet after (and still) dealing with a paedophile, it’s a whole other story. A little background It is hard to blog a story from the beginning. To cut it really…
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Home-schooling world on a book kids imagination

Home-schooling during the Pandemic pause

The pandemic pause has caused a lot of changes, one of them being the closure of schools. Home-schooling gave us all some challenges and some lessons to learn. I think I learnt as much as the kids. Disabled dad was a lot less anxious about his virus fears knowing the children were all home safe.…
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First Coronavirus Update

3 March 2020 The Coronavirus in China (and now most part of the rest of the world) has had severe supply ramifications. The lag effect from the lack of supply is going to have major ramifications across almost all industries. Let’s face it; just about everyone is dependent on Chinese made products or components. The…
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Solar panels living off-grid

Living Off-grid on 12v Solar

With 3 children under 10, living off grid totally dependent on a small 12v solar system took a fair bit of adjusting to. It was definitely challenging but it came with a lot more benefits than sacrifices. Of course it required some careful consideration of the kinds of appliances we could use. It also made…
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