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The Leading Edge in lithium ion LiFePO4 batteries


We have designed our very own unique LELA LiFePO4 battery range. 
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Please help our family who are struggling financially as this business was our last chance at getting off the poverty heap!


Battery cells and modular systems
Complete home energy storage systems
Electric vehicle battery packs and modules


Sadly Leading Edge Lithium is now suspended

Covid-19 has had a devastating impact upon our business.  Our unique LELA battery and awesome LiFePO4 products are no longer for sale.


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Bringing you the latest news on Leading Edge Lithium, our unique LELA battery range, LiFePO4 and lithium ion technology, the world of energy storage systems and environmental, renewable energy industry information… along with other interesting tidbits.

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Dealing with a Paedophile, and Poverty

Losing all you have because of pandemic business failure is one thing. When that business was your last ditch attempt to get back on your feet after (and still) dealing[…]

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Home-schooling during the Pandemic pause

The pandemic pause has caused a lot of changes, one of them being the closure of schools. Home-schooling gave us all some challenges and some lessons to learn. I think[…]

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First Coronavirus Update

3 March 2020 The Coronavirus in China (and now most part of the rest of the world) has had severe supply ramifications. The lag effect from the lack of supply[…]

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Please help us…

After putting over 12 months into the development of this business, and investing $40,000 hard saved and borrowed dollars, it is looking as though Leading Edge Lithium is not going to make it through. 

Our family have been through struggle after struggle and have still managed to try to keep on going, to try to make a better future for our children.   This business was that chance.  We had lost all our savings (and our partially built home) years ago to a criminal we had to have put in jail (see “Latest news – Dealing with a Paedophile, and Poverty” below).
That incident (not our first traumatic experience) was extremely difficult to deal with and left us emotionally, mentally, physically (permanent disability) and financially injured. 

It has taken us 4 years of healing and saving to get to a point where we were able to invest our time, energy and all the money we had again saved (and borrowed), into building Leading Edge Lithium… an attempt to get back on our feet, an attempt to get our own home for our family.  Now we are once again struggling on the poverty heap, and with one of us permanently disabled, and with 4 children, our future seems bleak.

Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, take care,

The Edge family.

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Leading Edge Lithium Australia – now suspended

It’s been a while since our first Coronavirus update and unfortunately things have not improved on the business front. The pandemic is obviously still an ongoing issue and although Australia is looking ok at the moment healthwise, economically it is not so good. 

Like everyone in isolation, we too have been forced to re-evaluate our position, intentions and goals. As a result Leading Edge Lithium is now suspended, and likely to remain so permanently. 

We did spend time looking for parts made closer to home and in that light we are fully supportive of the re-establishment of Australia’s manufacturing industry. After all, we mine so much of the raw product, it makes sense that we refine and use it to make quality products that provide even more Australian jobs and benefit to Australia. However, as we are now out of money and out of luck before we even got started, by the time this happens it will be too late for us.

In good consciouss we would no longer purchase our battery cells from China, even if we could still afford to do so. This is not a reflection upon the lovely Chinese people. Our awareness has increasees since the pandemic began, of the untrustworthiness of the Chinese Communist Party. We simply cannot support a regime that acts as the CCP does.  A government that treats their own people and others with such contempt and intolerance. We were simply unaware of how bad the situation was and the kinds of human rights atrocities that the CCP is and has been involved in. 

Being genuine believers of equality and love for all. We are part of the little folk that were just trying to present to others an energy technology that we believe in.  A battery that we thought would contribute positively to the sustainability of our planet. A way to make a living for our family.  A chance to get off the poverty heap. Our only hope at getting a home for our family.

Many people like us have used this pandemic pause to breathe and to realise whats really important.  The future awaits us all.   Let us resist control, and the going back to the way things were, or to the “new-normal”. It is a world driven by greed and money and where the few control the many. A world where too much technology kills us or our planet.   

We have been through so much trauma in our lives.  We are still being affected by a criminal we had put in jail and who is out now, causing us to change our lives around to avoid him.  Hubby is still permanently disabled and with four children and limited opportunities, the future is bleak.
We have lost our business and all the time, money and potential we put into it.  We have lost our hopes and dreams at ever having a home of own along with it.  

It’s been said that I am an eternal optimisit and I suppose this is true.  I think I have just been through too much that adversity just seems like life.  Us survivors just keep on keeping on.  I really hope for a better future though.  Not just for us, but for all of humanity.  Let us re-write the kind of future world we want. Let us make a new future driven by cooperation, happiness, freedom, equality and respect. Using technology which works for us, and with, nature.  Lets create a “new amazing”… a “new extraordinary”. 

Let us use this pandemic pause to make a future we are proud to hand over to our children. 

Kindest regards, thank you and take care. 

The Edge Family

Lithium ion technolgy


The future of the energy storage industry.  Seeing as we can’t yet reveal to you our unique LELA battery case we will reveal instead exactly what is inside.

LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

Lightweight, long-life, high useable capacity, high energy density, low maintenance, dependable, sustainable.


Our unique LELA batteries contain a superior quality BMS that manages and balances all cells.

Please note:  Due to the Coronavirus pandemic
our LELA battery range is currently non-existent.


LELA cells are uniquely connected to ensure even usage of all cells… better performance, longer life.


Why not feature your battery instead of hiding it.  LELA batteries combine quality, functionality and design.

The cells inside our LELA batteries

Your unique LELA battery will be a design feature… “Everything to boast about.  Nothing to hide!”

We use only the finest quality lithium ion cells inside our unique LELA batteries.  Seeing as we can’t yet reveal to you our unique LELA battery case just yet, we will reveal exactly what is inside instead.


High energy density
High useable capacity


Not prone to thermal runaway (fire)
Safety tested


5000 cycles at 80% d.o.d.
7000 cycles at 70% d.o.d.

Please Note:  Due to the Coronavirus these products are no longer available.


No toxic heavy metals

More awesome LiFePO4 products

Aside from our very own unique battery range, Leading Edge Lithium Australia are proud to offer you more quality LiFePO4 products from our quality manufactuers.

Please Note:  Due to the Coronavirus these products are no longer available.


72 Ah                             110Ah                                     120Ah
176Ah                            206Ah                                     240Ah
BMS’s       Battery Monitors           Balancers…       and more.


48V 100Ah         48v  200Ah           48v  300Ah           48v  400Ah
Intelligent communication between modules
Customise your system to whatever size you need… home, business or small industry applications.


“Plug n Play” ready for connection.
Classy design with everything inside – Inverter, EMS and software.   Customisable and upgradeable.
5kWh – 100kWh   


Electric Vehicle Battery packs and modules ranging
from 176Ah – 277Ah

60Ah and 80Ah LiFePO4 car cranking batteries

Please help us with a donation

Our family has been through a lot and is really struggling right now. We have 4 children, one of us is disabled and this business was our last chance at getting off the poverty heap and into our own home. Now with Leading Edge Lithium at a total standstill, our only our only source of income is not enough for the banks to even lend us any money… a meagre disability support pension and carers payment.  

With a deteriorating disability the future looks bleak.
We know there are many who are also struggling and we hate to ask for help ut we are good people and we know if we were able to we would help whomever we could… and frankly we are desperate.

Any donation you can make will be of great benefit to our family and will be very, very appreciated.

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